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A Stoner Blog

growing up spaced out in the suburbs.


I am rootless; drifting incessently on the waves of the earth. I ride the wind and the tide. I dance to the beat of the earth and the flicker of the hearth. I am running, constantly: changing, constantly.
I have an epifany every other day, I reach enlightenment on a weekly basis. But It never sticks.
I have no direction, I only know I must keep moving.

I'm loud, obnoxious, rude, and I have no respect for personal boundaries. I'm not really an intellectual, but I play one in life. I spend too much time reading, writing, and screaming. I like harsh, brash punk music and calm acoustics. I belong in a warm city by the gulf. I'm intoxicated most of the time, it makes things more colorful. my head is made of tree branches, and my heart of steel. I hate just about everything, and most people bore me.

acid, adderall, adult swim, airports, alcohol, awkward silences, backwoods, bad brains, beat poets, being drunk, binge drinking, bluegrass, blunts, bob marley, bodies, books, bright eyes, cameras, cats, cds, cereal, chocolate, chocolate soymilk, cigarettes, clovers, cocaine, coffee, cold mornings, cuddling, dancing, daydreaming, dead baby jokes, diet pills, disorders, downers, dragonflies, drawing, dreadlocks, drinking, drive-in movies, driving, drugs, e, ecstasy, endorphins, energy drinks, everything in excess, existentialism, fucking, ganja, garden state, german pride, getting lost, gigs, gin, girls, glitter, glow sticks, guys, hallucinogens, hoodies, ink, ireland, irish pride, kerouac, kissing, knitting, laughing, literature, marijuana, marya hornbacher, memoirs, memory, mental illness, metal, mixtapes, munchies, mushrooms, mythology, naked kissing, nietzsche, nitrous oxide, nugs, perfectly quirky relationships, photography, piercings, pills, pipes, playing in parks, poetry, psychedelics, punk rock, purple, quiet places, quilts, rain, reading, red lipstick, romance, sarcasm, sculpture, self medication, sex, shots, skinny, sleeping, sleeping on the floor, smoking, snow, speed, spooning, staying up all night, staying young, stimulants, street art, superjail!, tarot cards, tattoos, tea, tequila, thai food, the cure, the ramones, thinking, this song, traveling, tripping, uppers, vegetarianism, vodka, walking, warmth, wasted, wasting time, water, weed, wheezy, whiskey, wine, winter, writing, yarn, ,